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  • Evaluation of the Builder’s capacity and ability to fulfill the Building Contract and deliver on time.

  • Assurance of contract compliance and quality of Builder’s selected Makers and sub-Contractors.

  • Evaluation of the offered Design with the Review of the Engineering analysis and all plans for approval

  • Technical Due Diligence for Client at all phases of design and construction.

  • Conversion (Ship, FSO, FSRU) Consultancy and Supervision.

  • Project and Site  Management for Contract Compliance including Design Application in construction, Monitoring of Procurement, Verification of completed Milestone Works and Construction Supervision with Quality Control and non-conformity reporting for rectification, on all engineering disciplines and Construction works, Materials and Equipment.


  • Proactive and rigorous Identification, Assessment and Mitigation of Building Contract and Construction risk.

  • Conducting Technical negotiations with expertise. 

  • Conducting Sea Trials, Gas Trials, Factory Tests and inspections of Materials, Machinery and Equipment.

  •  Expert advice and evaluation on Coating materials and witness of their applications to demanding Marine and Offshore projects.

Services in support of Project Management objectives of Assurance of Contractual Compliance in Design, Construction, as well as Project Risk mitigation.

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