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ACS Marine Services (Asia) Pte. Ltd. is a Company incorporated in January 2010 in Singapore with its principal operations based in Singapore with corresponding office in Malaysia. Since 2012 the Company is represented in London UK by its Associates PDC Maritime S.A.. Between years 2000 and 2010 the Company had operated under its Registered name in Marshall Islands “ACS Marine Services Ltd.” After 5/1/2010 the Company ceased its operations which were transferred to ACS Marine Services (Asia) Pte. Ltd. ACS Marine Services (Asia) Pte. Ltd is a Company limited by Shares
The transfer of the Company's activities in the South East Asia was of dual purpose: Firstly, to expand the Advisory Services offered originally in the Marine and Offshore Industry of Advance Engineering, Technical Consultancy and Specialty Due Diligence services in Project Financing in the Region and secondly to offer new services of Trade and Transport to the vast new opportunities of development of the S.E. Asia today.
ACS Marine Services (Asia) Pte. Ltd. is expanding our worldwide network of partnership with trade Agents and shipping Companies worldwide enabling us to respond to our strategic Clients, End-Users and Supplies/Producers of diverse products in the secondary physical commodities markets, with strict adherence to the International Trading Principles as we stand firm and reliable in all that we do.
After 16 years of successful and diversified shipping activities, ACS Marine Services is establishing a reputation in serving our Clients promptly, with due diligence, professionalism, reliability, effectiveness  and expertise aiming always at adding value to our Clients' objectives on tasks entrusted to us.

Our Mission

While open to opportunities ACS Marine Services (Asia) Pte. Ltd. focuses on sectors in which it has access to intelligence second to none and experience of its management team that totally defies the norm.

In a world awash with information, insight is often in short supply.

ACS edge is its ability to leverage the market insight with a high level of expertise and due diligence which aim at creating tangible value in all our commitments to our Clients. We maintain a broad view of potential collaborations that translate into successful business returns built on reliability, care and trust.

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Our Approach

ACS Marine Services (Asia) Pte. Ltd. is a team of bright, honest, energized, thoughtful, self-starters working together all over the world to create the best outcome for ACS Clients and Business Partners.

Our approach is proactive and aiming to eliminating risks at all stages of our service objectives through to its successful completion for our Client's best interest.

We are constantly striving to provide excellence in our Services and reliability and trust to our Clients and our business Associates.

We are open to creating new ideas and new services of success in all our activities.

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