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We serve as the Buyer/Seller in vital tripartite trade negotiations and transactions. Buying and selling products of diverse kinds to Strategic End Users while still serving as Suppliers Representative in some other cases where doing so would only make the best business sense due to the transaction volume in view. We stand firm and reliable in our principles and commitments to the commodities industry.

Our primary goal is to deliver Quality and Volume with reliability and punctuality and help our Clients reach more. To this end, we tirelessly and diligently serve our clients, but more importantly we ensure that each party experiences a win-win situation at all times. We will negotiate trade terms, conclude deals, and match counterparties. Take note that for us to consider and proceed with any proposed trade of a specific Product, we would need to receive the following information in due time:

1. Verified Mandate of End Supplier with full address and contacts, or

     End Supplier as the Product Holder with full contacts.

2. Product origin, stock and production capacity

3. Product specification of quality.

4. Mining lisences, export lisences as appropriate

5. Previous trade references (BL) and Quality certificates.

6. Product supply Offer. and payment conditions.

The underlying philosophy of ACS approach is to utilize our access to strategic End Users and Suppliers in the Energy, Industry and Mining Sectors of financial strength with partnership structure aiming to realize the commercial potential of assets in markets where we have a comprehensive understanding of what influences value and to offer a competitive, qualified and reliable Supply to our Clients.


Metals and minerals:

The greatest complexity in the metals and minerals trading sector is in concentrates. The term "concentrate" refers to the product produced by mines from ore extracted out of the ground. Each type of concentrate has different degrees of impurities and complexities dependent on the ore mineralogy, which imply greater or lesser costs to treat and refine.

In-depth, on-the-ground information on the composition of concentrates and understanding the characteristics of each smelter is central to the trading of them. For this reason, the most successful minerals traders also have a long-term commitment in the production and supply chain process.

ACS aims to expand its access to more information from major metals and mineral Suppliers and producers which makes it an unparalleded force in the refined trading of such commodities for the benefit of all parties concerned.

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